Attendees need to be respectful, respectful of personal property, and use common courtesy. Harassment, cat calling, and verbal abuse will not be tolerated. Any person who feels if their safety is at risk please reach out to a member or our security or staff. Please do not engage in retaliation or anything that would make the matter worse. Pine State Con reserves the right to eject anyone from the con without refund that violates this policy.

Ejection from the convention could happen if you participate in the any of the following:




*destruction of property

*physical/verbal harrasment


*use of drugs or alcohol

*violation of state or federal law

*anything illegal

*violation of any con policy

*violation of weapon policy

Pine State Con is a family friendly convention so we request that costumes and apparel remain appropriate. We do no allow nudity or partial nudity or any adult themed props or anything vulgar.  Laws of decency apply - if you wouldn't wear it at work, school, or out in public, please do not wear it here. Please contact us in advance if you have any questions regarding this. We reserve the right to determine what is considered "decent" and can ask you to change or cover up.

No fake blood or make up that can get transferred onto others or onto property. Please refrain from any costume that may shed ( IE glitter, confetti, sand, loose fur/fluff, or flower petals)

NO FUNCTIONAL PROPS OR WEAPONS ARE ALLOWED AT PINE STATE CON. All costume props and weapons will be inspected. They must conform to state and federal law. Projectile props must be inoperable. Arrows must have their tips removed.

NO LIVE STEEL IS ALLOWED ON SITE. This includes: swords, axes, knives, bayonets, brass knuckles, or any shape metal objects. This includes any martial arts weaponry as well. Any props need to be non-metal and non-sharp and no longer than 72 inches. Any commercial prop replicas purchased need to stay wrapped/sealed at all times, or taken to your car or hotel room immediately, or held with the vendor and taken when you leave.

NO AMMUNITION. This includes nerf, real live or inactive ammunition, air gun/cap/pellet, and arrows with tips/nocks.

NO FIREARMS OR PROJECTILE WEAPONS. No pellet/air/bb guns, waterguns, working replicas of actual firearms, real firearms, crossbows/bows, dart/blowguns, electronic weapons, and batons/nightsticks.

NO EXPLOSIVES OR CHEMICALS. No fireworks, smoke bombs, sparklers, liquid fuels, candles, or any fire hazardous materials.

These policies also apply to any wood props that could be considered a weapon as well.

Props should be no longer than 72 inches due to space. Do not use your props in a dangerous or reckless manner. If you are not willing to comply with these policies we reserve the right to eject you from the con. Please contact us if you have any questions, we'll be happy to help.

If you'd like to take photos, please ask permission first. Do not block hallways or vendors or public areas while taking photos. Please move aside.

Pine State Con will determine placement of vendors. Tables must be set up before opening and aisles must remain clear for safety and ADA compliance.


Exhibitors must comply with all local laws including collections or sales tax, sales permit if from out of state. Information can be found at

Pine State Con reserves the ability to change or add rules deemed necessary.


Pine State Con will try to ensure the best safety possible, but are not responsible for the safety of any exhibitor, property, employees, visitors or customers from theft, disappearance, injury or damage by fire, accident or any other cause, and exhibitors assume the sole liability for any losses from such causes. No insurance is provided for exhibitors or their property. Exhibitors shall indemnify and hold Pine State Con harmless from any damages, losses or liabilities resulting from any claims, demands, suits or other actions based on or arising out of the exhibitor's presence in the expo or expo parking lot.

If the event was to be cancelled, payment would be reimbursed. Neither shall have further rights, obligations or liabilities to one another.

No pornographic or illegal substances may be displayed. Pine State Con reserves the right to determine what is appropriate and can ask to remove or take down.

Nothing may be stuck to the walls.

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